Almanac for Boise, ID on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Daily Summary
Average Record
Mean Temperature 52 °F  
Max Temperature 64 °F 87 °F (1934)
Min Temperature 40 °F 23 °F (1968)
Degree Days
Heating Degree Days 13  
Month to date heating degree days   321  
Since 1 July heating degree days   5116  
Cooling Degree Days 0  
Month to date cooling degree days   0  
Year to date cooling degree days   0  
Dew Point    
Average Humidity    
Maximum Humidity    
Minimum Humidity    
Precipitation 0.04 in 0.58 in (2011)
Month to date precipitation   0.85  
Year to date precipitation   4.47  
Snow 0.00 in 0.30 in (1968)
Month to date snowfall   0.3  
Since 1 July snowfall   19.2  
Snow Depth    
Wind Speed    
Max Wind Speed    
Max Gust Speed    
Key: T is trace of precipitation, MM is missing value
Source: NWS Daily Summary

No daily or hourly history data available

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